The WhiteSpace Limited was founded in 2016 by a group

of senior telecom executives. The company is leader of Mobile Virtual

Network Operator (MVNO) in Thailand.

Company Vision
  • Become the No.1 MVNO player in Thailand.
  • Be one of the leading reginal MVNO players in the AEC market.
The Business - MVNO
MVNO – A Mobile Virtual Network Operator is an
mobile telco provider that leases the network of another telco provider to supply mobile products and services under its own brand name. Tesco Mobile, Virgin Mobile, and Lyca Mobile in the UK are examples of successful MVNOs. Currently there are more than 1,000 MVNOs operating around the world.
  • The WhiteSpace has been operating as a MVNO in Thailand with a Telecom License (Type I) granted from the NBTC (Thailand Telecom Regulator) since 2016.
  • The Company operates on the CAT Telecom and TOT networks providing mobile voice and data services using the 850 & 2100 MHz spectrum. CAT Telecom and TOT are the largest state owned telco companies in Thailand.
  • Within the first year of its operations, The WhiteSpace and its Penguin SIM brand has already become, by far, Thailand’s No. 1 MVNO.
The Founders & Management Team
The Brand - Penguin
Using current online and social media influences, The WhiteSpace has been able to create a whimsical character known in the market as “Penguin”. The success of the character allows us to build meaningful consumer engagement with our products and services.
“Penguin” was created as our logo and brand mascot who is friendly, fun, and sincere reflecting our simple user friendly, and no frills mobile voice and data plans.
The Product – Prepaid SIM
Our key product is a pre-paid SIM card with value for money benefits for both voice and data
Key Targets
1.Mass consumer market in rural areas, utilizing the strength of our 850 & 2100 MHz 3G network which covers 75% of the population in Thailand
2.Tourists 30 MILLION annual in-bound Tourists who choose Thailand as their vacation destination
3.Workers from AEC (Myanmar and Cambodia), 5 MILLION migrant workers from surrounding countries that live and work in Thailand
  • Powered by CAT Telecom’s 850 Mhz 3G/HSPA network and TOT’s 3G 2100 Mhz network with more than 35,000 cell sites combined
  • The combination of CAT Telecom and TOT’s network gives us access to the best 3G network in Thailand
Potential Growth / Business Expansion
  • MVNO expansion in other AEC countries.
  • IOT solutions which utilize our network
  • E- Payments (domestic and cross border)
The most among all MVNOs in Thailand
*As of year end 2017
By far, we are THE # …